How Solatube Skylights Work
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See how solatube sun tunnel skylights provide clean and clear natural light for any interior space

The Solatube daylighting system utilizes innovative technology, engineering insight and quality materials to amplify natural light and bring it into your home. With evolutionary technology, design, and quality materials, Solatube provides an abundance of clean and clear natural light for any interior space.
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Raybender®3000 Technology
  • Patented daylight-capturing dome lenses
  • Redirects low angle sunlight
  • Rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight
  • Consistent lighting throughout the day
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Spectralight® Infinity Tubing
  • Highest reflectivity of any material used in Tubular Daylight Devices (TDD's)
  • Delivers an abundance of clean, white light
  • Makes for easy sun tunnel installation
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Dual Lens Array Technology
  • Customize your daylighting experience
  • The Effect lens adjusts the light and offers choices to soften or warm light color
  • The diffuser lens controls light diffusion within the room

From the exterior level, light is collected from the rooftop dome, which utilizes Raybender 3000 technology to redirect low angle sunlight and reject overpowering mid-day sunlight. Solatubes are equipped with light tracker reflectors to capture daylight efficiently, redirecting it down the tube.

At the ceiling level, the dual lens array technology allows you to customize your day lighting experience.

The interior of the Solatube is lined from top to bottom with Spectra Light Infinity, a film which is widely recognized as having the highest reflectivity of any comparable product in the world. As a result, the Solatube day lighting system delivers an abundance of clean white light into any interior space.

Inside your home, an effect lens adjusts the light to offer warm and soft colours while a diffuser lens controls light diffusion in the room. Sophisticated designer details allow the Solatube day lighting system to be customized to match any room's décor.

The choice is clear: at every level, the Solatube daylighting system combines style and science to provide a beautiful and functional natural lighting solution.