Why We Believe Solatube is the Best Choice for Greater Vancouver Stratas

If youíre involved with a Lower Mainland housing strata council, making any decision that has an impact on your residents is tough. You need to know that youíre choosing the best course of action for the collective group as well as the smartest investment of your housing dollars.

The Solatube daylighting system has proven to be the best choice for strata councils and homeowners wanting to bring light into their homes. Not only is the price far better than the one offered by installing ordinary skylights, there are other benefits for your strata:

  • Leak Proof Design: Solatube offers a guaranteed waterproof design by way of neoprene compression and concealed fasteners, making sure that any outside moisture wonít get inside.
  • Highest Quality: For close to three decades the Solatube brand has established itself as a leader in the daylighting business by offering the high quality product for natural light exposure.
  • Professional Installation: Super Skylights is the only certified installer of Solatube daylighting systems in the Greater Vancouver & Vancouver Island region.
  • Curb Appeal: With its slim design and prismatic lens covering, the Solatube offers an attractive profile on rooftops.
  • Financial Asset: The natural light that a Solatube brings inside the home can add to itsí property value.

The Solatube daylighting system is an excellent choice for Vancouver strata councils and homeowners. Not only is the price far better than the cost associated by installing ordinary skylights, there are multiple additional benefits for your strata.

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