Smart LED
SunSense Technology

  • Continually assesses light levels and determines when supplemental light is needed
  • Automatically triggers LEDs to provideoptimal light output
  • Seamlessly transitionsfrom
    waningdaylight to radiant LED light
Occupancy Sensor

  • Automatically turns LED lights on and off based on room occupancy
  • Minimizes energy use throughout the day and night
  • Maximizes the energy efficiency of the Smart LED System
solatube smart ledtm
Patented, High-performance Amplifier
Enclosed in a specially designed flared housing, the high-performance Amplifier features a patented design that utilizes 16 highly reflective facets. These facets redirect light downward toward the decorative fixture at the most effective angle, maximizing light output for powerful performance.
Daylight Sensor
A Daylight Sensor continually monitors light levels within the tube and activates the LEDs when light levels reach a minimum threshold.
It also deactivates the LEDs when sufficient daylight is present.
Light Optimization Lens
A patented Light Optimization Lens allows daylight to pass through and directs the light produced by the LEDs toward the decorative fixture.
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Four 3000K LEDs with an average 35 lumens / watt output provide ultra-energy efficient lighting designed to last up to 20 years. In addition, they match the color of existing residential lighting and deliver 80 CRI for a highly accurate display of colors.
Easy Connect Panel and Driver
A housing assembly designed with unique connectors for the driver, Secondary System, and Occupancy Sensor ensures easy installation.
Optional Occupancy Sensor
The Occupancy Sensor detects occupants and automatically triggers LEDs when light levels are low. Can be turned on or off when connected to a wall switch.
Performance specifications components primary system primary w/secondary system
The Solatube Smart LED System is a 24-hour home lighting solutions that uses energy efficient LEDs and daylighting to cut your energy use by up to 94%. The lights are on a sensor which activates at low light levels. There is also an occupancy sensor which means the lights only engage when you are in the room or when there is no sunlight.
LED 3000K 3000K
CRI 80 80
Lumens/Watt 35* 35*
Input Voltage 100-240V 100-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Max Current 0.27 A 0.55 A
Output Voltage 26 VDC 26 VDC
Max Wattage 17 W 32 W
IC Rated Yes Yes
UL Listed Yes Yes