Solatube Daylighting Systems

The Solatube Daylighting System has revolutionized the way that property owners bring in natural light to their home and work environments. Solatube’s patented breakthrough technology allows for brighter living spaces and better quality sunlight to enter your darkened rooms. Superior to traditional window-based and tubular skylights in terms of price, dependability, maintenance and quality of light, a Solatube will offer you superior return on your investment for years to come.

Pure, Clear Natural Light

Solatube's tubular design and materials give it a leading edge over other daylighting products in areas other than just prices. No matter where the sun is in the sky or what kind of weather is above, the sunlight in the sky is captured and amplified by the Solatube's dome on the top of the building.

Solatube's patented Raybender 3000 technology gives you comfortable warmth and light throughout the day. In early mornings and during the evening low-angle light is captured and redirected down the tube, while mid-day light is rejected so excess heat and light doesn't overheat the building's interior. Light remains consistent throughout the day.

Lined with Spectralight, among the world's most reflective materials, the Solatube lets only clean, white light through. Compared to a skylight, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light will enter through the window and on to the surfaces inside your home, which can cause excess heating. After many such days, it's common to see floors, walls or furniture pay the price the prolonged effects of excessive exposure to UV light, such as discoloring or yellowing. With a Solatube, UV light doesn't get past the dome and inside your home.

Professionally Installed & Guaranteed Waterproof Design

Super Skylights has over a decade of Solatube installation experience. We can arrive at your location and have your new Solatube installed in your building or home in about two hours. Not only will your interior be brighter and you will be able to cut down on lighting costs, in many cases the addition of a Solatube will improve a home's property value.

Supported by the Solatube's waterproof design, Super Skylights stands by our own guarantee that your Solatube won't leak. You will be bringing the benefits of the sun's natural light straight into your home without any of the potential leaking hazards associated with traditional skylights whose seals eventually crack and need to be replaced.

Are you ready to take the leap and bring natural daylight into your home? Contact Super Skylights now!

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